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To make clear, to explain or elucidate by means of pictures, to cast light upon …These words seek to define illustration, an element within the architecture of the page encompassing form, colour, line and composition. As a pictorial space, “the page” extends through established formats of the book, editorial design and paper artefacts, into electronic media and contemporary design.

We teach the language of drawing and image-making from a broad methodology that includes observation, perception and literary interpretation. The students are guided through a range of pictorial concerns, visualising ideas and texts towards their own ways of seeing. An Illustration philosophy includes intellectual and aesthetic sensibilities, allied to practical methods within evolving disciplines of the graphic arts. Such a philosophy depends upon the energy and application of those that study and those who teach. As a part of this process, we collaborate with publishers, designers and writers towards developing the potential of each student. The Illustration course at eca provides an education as well as a preparation for professional life.